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We love to create fantastic gardens and water features. So please come get in touch and see if we can help you.

Our Services

Here at Bombina, we know just how important a great outdoor space is to you and the environment. We strive to ensure your garden project is of the highest quality and value as well as being as ecologically friendly as possible and enjoyable to use. We aim to provide a fast, flexible, efficient and professional service to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Specialist in Designing and Installing Wildlife and Formal Ponds, Koi Ponds. Bog Gardens, Biotope Aquariums, Terrariums and Ripariums

Highly Experienced Designing and Installing Decking, Fencing, Patios, Driveways, Artificial Grass

Roses and Rhododendrons to Alliums and Zantedeschia. Planting Schemes, Flower Beds,  

Pruning, Weeding, Hedge cutting, Lawns, General Maintainance

It is your Garden, lets work together to make it how you want and ensure you have everything you want too make the most of our variable English Weather! 

Scrub Clearance, Habitat Creation, Restoration and Management.

From Renovating Natural Ponds and Clearing Roman Burial Mounds to Patios, Fencing and Complete Garden Rebuilds, We are here to provide you with the Garden you desire.

Challenges to be enjoyed

Thinking differently and a positive attitude can make a world of difference, so we try to make sure that no matter how challenging or logistically complex the project. We will find  a way to do it on time and to a high standard.

Location is everything

Based in Brinkley on the border of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, We are ideally suited to work in and around Cambridge and the surrounding villages.